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About Brian Poppe
- Owner & IT Consultant

Apple Consultant since 1997

Brian Holds the following
Apple Certifications: 

•  Mac OS 10.12 Sierra
Certified Support Professionals

• Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks
Certified Support Professionals

• Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard 
Support Professionals

• Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
Help Desk Specialists 




In many business environments, Macs must be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures. DesignCorp can ensure your Macs assimalate, whether it's a primarily WindowsTM based network, a proprietary system, or any other non-Apple habitat. Understandably, in-house IT Departments often struggle to support a small number of Mac users. DesignCorp is well-versed at working side-by-side with IT Departments, and partnering to quickly and effectively meld the two worlds. Areas of frequent IT aggravation where DesignCorp can assist are: 

- File Server Connectivity and protocols

- Exchange support

- Binding to Active Directory

- Server storage space and archival

- Database access: ie. SharePoint

- Collaboration

- Proprietary Software: ie. ActiveX

DesignCorp utilizes exisitng Apple technologies, along with third party solutions like Virtualization, Citirx/Terminal services, and VPN/VNC to help achieve the goals set by our customers. We are actively working with clients on these type of integrations in the following industries:

- Education
- Healthcare
- Law
- Advertising/Design 
- Small Business