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About Brian Poppe
- Owner & IT Consultant

Apple Consultant since 1997

Brian Holds the following
Apple Certifications: 

•  Mac OS 10.12 Sierra
Certified Support Professionals

• Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks
Certified Support Professionals

• Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard 
Support Professionals

• Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
Help Desk Specialists 





- Are you frustrated by downtime, crashing apps, the "pinwheel of death", and restarts?

- Does the staff complain that their Macs seem a little sensitive or downright moody at times?

- Or are Fonts driving you crazy?

Let DesignCorp give your machines the attention they require. A little organization, the right configurations, and a few industry secrets can go a long way.
So the next time you're faced with a temperamental Mac or a system crash, call DesignCorp. We can provide instant relief using our zero-config remote access or, if needed, we will rush to your site to perform a little CPU CPR.